The Irish

The Irish


My hearts in the Highlands wherever I go!


This is the perfect dress for an Irish or a Scottish lass . It was a popular style in the mid 1500s. The Irish overdress has spring steel boning in front for support. It has bronze clasps and is in a cotton brocade. It is shown with a traditional leine, that's the chemise with the big sleeves; and a tartan underskirt.

It is available in stock in hunter green with celtic knot clasp.

Do not professionally dry clean! The high heat of dry cleaning will melt the plastic ends causing the stays to eventually pop through the corset. Only spot clean or clean with a home kit for dry cleaning.

Measurement Chart - waist size

Please order according to your waist size unless you wear a DD cup then order the next size up.

Size 0-23", Size 2-24", Size 4-26", Size 6-28", Size 8-30", Size 10-31", Size 12-33", Size 14-34", Size 16-36", Size 18-37", Size 20-39", Size 22-41", Size 24-43", Size 26-44", Size 28-45".

Our custom colors are purple, black, a light navy and berry. You can also choose a heart clasp. The Irish with the heart clasp is $320.00. Please contact us to place a custom order if this is what you like.

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